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Satin Lips® Lip Balm

Satin Lips® Lip Balm

8 g

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Satin Lips® Lip Balm moisturizes dry, rough lips for at least six hours.


Lips have an extremely thin outer protective layer. As the body ages, the already thin layer becomes thinner. To compound the situation, lip skin does not have sweat or sebaceous glands. Without the usual protective layer of sweat and body oils, the lips dry out faster, become chapped more easily and can age faster than other areas of the skin. Satin Lips® Lip Balm is part of the effective Satin Lips® Set that also includes Satin Lips® Lip Mask. The Satin Lips® Lip Mask gently exfoliates dead surface skin cells that cause lips to appear dull and lifeless, preparing them for the best application of supermoisturizing Satin Lips® Lip Balm for soft, kissable lips.

Application Tips

How It Works

The Satin Lips® Lip Balm contains a special complex of ingredients, including vitamin A and E derivatives and Ceramide 2 to help condition dry and rough lips. The balm moisturizes the lips for at least six hours while providing an invisible barrier to keep the lips hydrated.

Key Ingredients

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