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Mary Kay® Liquid Foundation Brush

Mary Kay® Liquid Foundation Brush

The Liquid Foundation Brush is specially designed to deposit the right amount of liquid foundation for a precise, even and smooth application. The bristles are tapered so you can easily customize the level of coverage. The end result is a perfectly flawless finish.


Your way to a perfect finish starts with the perfect brush. The Mary Kay® Liquid Foundation Brush is handcrafted for maximum comfort and control when applying liquid foundation. The unique, flat, tapered shape allows the brush to go places that fingertips can't and ensures that every contour on the face is covered. The synthetic bristles are great with any Mary Kay® liquid foundation to help provide a flawless application. As a result, foundation looks more natural, which allows your natural beauty to show.

Application Tips

How It Works

Synthetic fibers provide even distribution of liquid- and cream-based products because the bristles do not expand when wet.

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