The MelaCEP™ Whitening System combines the science of innovation with the power of nature to target the multiple reasons for uneven skin tone.

  • Protect against UV damage

    A combination of highly effective broad-spectrum sunscreens contained in Day Moisturizer With SPF 15 helps protect skin from sun damage. The product also contains antioxidants to help protect skin from environmental exposure.

  • Help keep cells from producing melanin

    The brown pigment that becomes visible on the surface of the skin. When skin is exposed to environmental stress, the damaged cells send signals that cause the melanocytes to start producing melanin. The MelaCEP™ Whitening System contains ingredients that help reduce the levels of certain proteins that are critical to cell communication, interrupting the signals that can result in melanin production.

  • Help regulate the MITF gene critical for pigment synthesis

    The MITF gene provides instructions for making a protein that ultimately helps control the production of certain enzymes like tyrosinase and TRP1. The MelaCEP™ Whitening System contains ingredients that help regulate the activity of these enzymes, controlling the development and function of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. This potentially reduces the key proteins responsible for making pigment.

  • Help inhibit the activity of tyrosinase

    This system contains the potent ingredient ascorbyl glucoside, which is known to be a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor. Inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase is critical because it is an enzyme that converts the simple amino acid tyrosine into melanin.

  • Help inhibit the transfer of melanin to the skin’s surface

    After melanin-filled melanosomes are transferred to the keratinocytes, they travel upwards to the skin’s surface, causing uneven pigmentation to appear. The MelaCEP™ Whitening System contains ingredients that work together to help reduce this transfer of melanin to the surface of the skin.

  • Help increase skin turnover to reveal smoother and brighter skin

    Instead of relying solely on physical exfoliation, which works on the uppermost layer of the skin, the MelaCEP™ Whitening System also contains ingredients which help the natural process that allows pigment-free skin cells to rise to the surface, revealing smoother, brighter and more even-toned skin.