The innovations behind the new MelaCEP™ Whitening Systems are the result of extensive research, development and testing in the Mary Kay laboratories. Our skin care scientists studied the multiple reasons that lead to uneven skin tone. And after their extensive research into the science of pigmentation, they focused on an approach unlike that of other whitening products.

The Mary Kay scientists discovered that if they addressed the multiple reasons why uneven skin tone develops - instead of focusing on just one cause - they could develop products that could be even more effective.

How uneven skin tone is formed
  1. Exposure to UV light triggers skin damage.
  2. "Damage signals" are sent to the cells in the skin where melanin is produced.
  3. These signals cause the increased activity of skin cells called melanocytes.
  4. The MITF gene is activated to make pigment-producing enzymes such as tyrosinase and TRP-1.
  5. Pigment-producing enzymes, such as tyrosinase, convert the amino acid tyrosine into melanin that collects in melanosomes.
  6. Melanosomes are transferred to keratinocytes that travel to the skin's surface, causing uneven pigmentation.