Meet Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Erik Indikov.

Introducing Mary Kay Global Makeup ArtistErik Indikov

A good makeup artist doesn’t demonstrate all of his knowledge about different makeup techniques on one face. He applies only those techniques and uses only those tools which are relevant to the person with whom he is working at the moment. The client and her needs are of utmost importance.

Erik Indikov, Moscow, Russia

Described as the absolute “Russian Champion” of color cosmetics, Erik has become an in-demand makeup artist among Russian celebrities and the fashion and beauty crowd. In addition to enhancing the covers of top magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan, Erik participates in popular TV and radio shows and is a frequent judge in color cosmetic championships in Russia. A brilliant and engaging speaker and teacher, Erik is known as a master of creating makeovers in a flash and helping others learn how to recreate their own version of beauty.

Erik Indikov’s Signature Look

It’s always been pleasantly surprising when two absolutely different colors come together in unison as they do in this look. Against violet, yellow-green becomes brighter and juicier. These two colors not only complement each other, they enhance any eye color. Brown/hazel eyes will become more intense; green eyes will look more emerald, and blue eyes will appear bluer.