Meet Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Sebastian Correa.

Introducing Mary Kay Global Makeup ArtistSebastian Correa

Every woman has the right to look beautiful and feel great. Mary Kay has every tool she needs.

Sebastian Correa, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sebastian found freedom to express his artistry as a makeup artist after working as a costume designer. As he grew professionally, working with major makeup and fashion brands as well as celebrities, Sebastian found he wanted to share his innovative techniques and expertise with future makeup artists and opened his own school in his native Argentina. Now, with years of experience, he continues that passion for teaching how to enhance natural beauty as a member of the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team.

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Sebastian Correa’s Signature Look

It’s a universal, feminine and fresh look. It can be achieved by women of all ages, and it works great on every complexion. I believe in universal beauty, so I designed a timeless look that enhances everybody's beauty beyond her age or skin tone. I love that Mary Kay has everything a woman needs to look her best and feel great. The color selection is warm and girlish. Gold and bronze for the eyes to make her look made up yet natural. Pink on the lips to help her show her feminine side without being aggressive. I think every woman must have these shades of eye shadows and lipstick because she can' t go wrong with this selection.

Smoky Eyes

Learn how to use makeup brushes from Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco.

Sebastian takes a modern twist on a favorite makeup look by focusing on a vibrant blue shade of mineral eye color and mixing it with layers of traditional black. These quick and easy steps give you an updated smoky eye in minutes.

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The Smoky Eye

Learn how to achieve The Smoky Eye Look from Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Sebastian Correa.

When you want to go dramatic, try Sebastian’s update on a classic eye look. Sebastian swaps traditional smoky gray and black shades for a punch of vibrant blue that works on any skin tone.

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