Mary Kay® Silky Setting Powder



Keep your look set with this super silky, loose finishing powder. Available in versatile, natural-looking shades, its innovative formula is designed to extend your makeup wear while blurring imperfections, smoothing your appearance and minimizing shine.

The mattifying multitasker gives you more of the things you want — like a more flawless finish — and none of what you don’t — like parabens and silicones. Enjoy more comfort and less dryness thanks to the plant-based emollient that contributes to a soft, whisper-light feel. Complement your complexion with a high-performance powder that comes in a variety of skin tone-matching shades. Blend it as a foundation setting powder that beautifully matches your favorite Mary Kay® foundation, or wear it on clean skin for a barely there complexion enhancement.

Free from:

  • Mineral oil
  • Fragrance
  • Wax
  • Silicones
  • Parabens


  • 概观
  • 应用技巧
  • 主要成分
  • 索赔和福利

用一种高性能、超柔软的蜜粉满足多种化妆需求。 通过微妙的色彩校正和浅色哑光效果升级您的粉底妆效,或选择仅使用粉饼的伪素颜妆容。 12 种色调中的每一种都采用我们独有的 IntelliMatch™ 技术开发。 我们使用这一创新科技研究全球各地的肤色,以便您可以选择与您最喜爱的Mary Kay® foundation.


这款丝滑的loose setting powder 采用植物性润肤剂配制而成,带来轻盈的感觉,同时有助于减少干燥和脱屑。 在这款新一代定妆粉的丝滑无暇妆容中轻柔呵护您的肌肤。


  • 经皮肤科医生测试
  • 已通过皮肤刺激性和过敏性测试
  • 对敏感肌肤安全
  • 不致粉刺
  • 轻轻摇晃 Mary Kay®Silky Setting Powder 罐(盖上盖子)以把粉末分散。
  • 取下盖子,用All-Over Powder Brush轻轻蘸取或沾上散粉,然后轻拍掉多余的部分
  • 在盖子内旋转刷子,使粉末进入刷毛。 首先扫除于脸部中央,然后向外涂抹至发际线和下巴线,并让其均匀融合。


  • 矿物油
  • 香精
  • 有机硅
  • 控油、吸附油脂和减少油光并打造哑光效果
  • 质地轻盈,融入肌肤并遮盖瑕疵
  • 上妆舒适
  • 看起来既不’t干燥也不浮粉