Mary Kay® Believe + Wonder™ Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel




Let this fruity-floral scent color your senses and inspire you to seek and find happiness in your every day.
  • Pair the Shower Gel with Chase a Rainbow™ Fragrance Mist and Body Lotion to create a collection.
  • Ideal gift for anyone who’s seeking more in their lives.
(All products sold separately.) 让这花果芳香为您的感官谱上色彩,激发您在每一个日子里去找寻更多的幸福
  • 将这Shower Gel与Chase a Rainbow™ Fragrance Mist和Body Lotion搭配使用,以拥有完整系列。
  • 送给在生活中想要寻求更多的人的理想礼品。



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Mary Kay® Believe + Wonder™ Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel
Like a rainbow against the backdrop of a bright, blue sky, the fruity-floral scent of Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel bursts with color. Seeking and finding happiness in your every day has never been this exciting. Complete this experience with Chase a Rainbow™ Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist, each sold separately. Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel is part of Believe + Wonder™, a collection of inspirational fragrance mists, shower gels and body lotions which also are available in Sail to the Moon™ and Paint the Sky™ scents. Each scent is designed to open your eyes to the infinite possibilities all around you and wonder: What if? What now? And what’s next? Clarify your next move by believing in the power of your dreams. 这色彩艳丽的花果香Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel就宛如一道彩虹划过明亮湛蓝的天空背景。每一日,都在寻求幸福感,这是从未有过的激动心情。透过使用个别销售的Chase a Rainbow&trade Body Lotion和Fragrance Mist来完整您的个人体验。Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel是Believe + Wonder™,的一部分,一个令人振奋的芳香系列,包括有香水喷雾、沐浴露和身体乳液,同时备有Sail to the Moon™和Paint the Sky™香味。每种香味都是为了打开您的双眼,去探索围绕在您身边的无限可能:如果呢?现在是什么?和下一步是什么?通过相信您梦想的力量来理清您的下一步。