Meet Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Ashley Ward.

Introducing Mary Kay Global Makeup ArtistAshley Ward

It’s important to keep experimenting with color, even if you’ve found something you like, because color is an adventure. I’m excited to be a part of the Mary Kay global team because it’s a team of people who love beauty, love skin care and I love that.

Ashley Ward, London, England

Ashley’s reputation as a must-have makeup artist with beauty companies and international fashion designers around the world makes her a great addition to the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team. Her versatility and creativity have gained her recognition repeatedly over the years and made her a favorite of celebrities and fashion editors alike who depend on her expertise. With a comprehensive approach to color, Ashley is passionate about innovations in skin care, and educates others about the importance of flawless skin in order to create beautiful result.

Ashley Ward’s Signature Look

Inspired by my recent work with famous Spanish entertainment icons known for their smoldering beauty, I’ve created a smoky, sultry look. A violet eyeliner keeps the effect from going too dark for a look anyone can wear!