Meet Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Ronaldo Escobar.

Introducing Mary Kay Global Makeup ArtistRonaldo Escobar

Color is part of my life. It’s an element that I have always lived with, as color is everywhere in my country. It inspires me in every way and makes me feel alive. Color can affect a woman’s soul. Just to bring a hint of color to her face makes a smile come right away.

Ronaldo Escobar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

After beginning his career in his native Brazil, Ronaldo moved to California where he studied special effects makeup techniques with film studios in Hollywood. His career then took him to New York City, where exclusive fashion boutiques and editors from international magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan came to depend on his makeup expertise for everything from runway shows to fashion spreads. It’s that expertise that allows Ronaldo to bring the best of beauty to you from his glamorous home base of Sao Paulo, Brazil. And as part of the Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team, he’s excited to prepare you for lights, camera and action!

I created this look inspired by what I see everywhere in my country: color! Mineral eye colors in Chocolate Kiss and a splash of Lime create a soft, beautiful mix of colors. Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick in Dusty Rose reminds me of the color of flowers and the feeling of spring in Brazil. Sunny Spice mineral cheek color adds the beautiful look we get from a sunny day at the beach. I want to encourage and show women that they can play with color and have fun with it!