Direct Selling Association Code of Ethics

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What is Direct Selling?

Very simply, direct selling is a way to sell products or services directly to customers, away from a retail location. A direct sales business allows you to connect with customers one-on-one, in groups, through online sales, catalog sales or by phone. People in the direct selling industry are often known as independent consultants, distributors or representatives.

A direct selling opportunity is a viable option for people of all ages, genders and income levels. It is an especially good opportunity for women who want more flexibility and control over their lives, and who:

Mary Kay and the DSA

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is a highly regarded U.S. national trade association of firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers through an independent sales force. Mary Kay Inc. has been a member of the DSA since 1970, and Mary Kay executives have a history of involvement with the organization. Several have served or currently serve on the governing board and have been instrumental in shaping policies for the industry, particularly the Code

Direct Selling Association: Facts and Figures

Worldwide, annual sales from the direct selling industry currently exceed $100 billion. A direct selling business is:

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