Our Commitment to Innovation

  • To advance our leadership in science-based innovation, Mary Kay has invested over $100 million and years of planning in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and research and development center that will open in Fall 2018.
  • Our Research & Development team includes distinguished scientists from around the world, holding Ph.D. and other advanced degrees across multiple disciplines: skin biology, cell biology, chemistry, biochemistry and more.
  • Our culture of innovation drives us to create products that no one else has. Mary Kay has over 1,400 patents covering everything from ingredients to delivery systems to packaging.
  • We are constantly investigating new testing methods that can confirm ingredient efficacy on skin so our products deliver benefits you can see.
  • Mary Kay has long supported scientific research in the academic community, including providing grants to the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for more than 20 years.
  • In addition to strategic alliances with dermatology and academic professionals, unexpected partnerships outside the beauty industry also fuel innovation, such as our patented discovery that the navy bean delivers remarkable, skin-brightening benefits.
  • Your first product experience should make you want to use it again and again, which is why we also innovate when it comes to a product’s form, texture and finish. We want you to say, “Wow!” first time, every time.

Mary Kay Sponsors Exclusive Symposium at the 2018 International Investigative Dermatology Meeting

  • In May 2018, Mary Kay sponsored an exclusive symposium at the International Investigative Dermatology (IID) Meeting, where the world’s finest researchers exchanged ideas about the impact of pollution on skin health.
  • Organized jointly every five years by the world’s pre-eminent skin health organizations from Europe (European Society for Dermatological Research), Asia (The Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology) and North America (Society for Investigative Dermatology), IID brings together experts in the fields of skin biology and related disciplines.



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