• Step 1: Neutralize and Brighten
  • Step 2: Conceal Imperfections

Mary Kay® Undereye Corrector

Bye-bye, dark shadows. Mary Kay® Undereye Corrector adds just the right hint of tint to ivory and beige skin tones to neutralize dark circles and brighten the undereye area, helping to deliver a refreshed, wide-awake appearance. 

Undereye Corrector works for skin tones ranging from light ivory to deep beige
Learn how to apply Undereye Corrector from Mary Kay.

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Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer™

Look like you have nothing to hide! An essential step for achieving a natural-, even-looking complexion includes concealing minor imperfections like blemishes, dark shadows and age spots.

  • Hide dark circles by drawing a triangle under your eye with the point toward your cheek.
  • If you have darkness or redness around or near the mouth, a little concealer will help correct your skin tone.
  • A blemish can be concealed with a shade that matches your skin tone. Blend, then set with powder. 
Learn how to apply Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer.

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