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LumiVie™ Skin Care with the power of black pearl

Helps deliver multifunctional benefits:
• Brightening
• Energizing
• Moisturization*
• Even skin tone

* Excludes LumiVie™ Foaming Cleanser which was not tested for moisturizing properties.

The power of black pearl is infused into every LumiVie™ product to deliver an elevated brightening of the skin experience. From the mysterious beauty of the black pearl comes immaculately improved skin brightness. Precious and rare, the black pearl has long symbolized unique beauty.

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  • Overview
  • How It Works
  • Claims and Benefits
Brighten. Energize. Moisturize.

Why You’ll Love It
• Black pearl is shown to impact processes1 that protect and brighten skin, and it also helps boost skin energy1 to awaken skin vitality.
• The exclusive Opti-Bright Complex™ targets multiple sources of uneven skin tone.
• True luminosity can only be achieved if skin is well hydrated, a special botanical extract Samphire (Salicornia herbacea extract) is included for its benefit of increasing water channels in skin.1

How It Works:
• Black Pearl (hydrolyzed pearl) helps boost skin energy1 to help revitalize skin’s activity and strengthen its defenses. It is shown to impact processes1 that protect and brighten skin.

• The Opti-Bright™ Complex (Angelica acutiloba root extract, vegetable amino acids and niacinamide)
features a blend of potent ingredients shown to interrupt the process that leads to dull skin1 while also helping to disperse the accumulation of uneven tone.1
• The LumiVie™ Intensive Serum and Moisturizing Cream contain the Opti-Bright™ Complex and have been shown to significantly improve the brightness of skin3 and improve overall evenness of skin tone in clinical testing. 3

• Samphire (Salicornia herbacea extract)
As an ingredient in skin care, samphire develops unique capabilities for conserving and managing water.
Women Agree! LumiVie™ Skin Care delivers impressive results: 2
• Skin appears lit from within.
• Leaves skin with a healthy glow. / Reveals skin’s radiance. / Boosts the look of skin brightness.
• Skin appears more even-toned.
• Provides a more luminous complexion. / Revives skin luminosity. / Reawakens skin brightness.
• Leaves skin feeling dewy-fresh. / Skin looks dewy.
• Skin feels energized. / Skin looks energized.
• Boosts skin energy. / Skin glows with boosted energy.
• Reawakens skin vitality. / Restores skin vibrancy.
• Leaves skin feeling soft. / Leaves skin feeling supple.
• Skin’s overall appearance is dramatically enhanced.
• Improves the appearance of dull skin.