Mary Kay® Hydrogel Eye Patches


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Pick-me-up patches deliver a refreshing burst of hydration to the eyes:

• Instantly cooling and soothing

• Immediately boost skin hydration

• Diminish look of puffiness and dullness

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Instantly revive puffy eyes with a luxuriously refreshing treatment. Thanks to a stay-in-place, eye-hugging crescent shape, these cooling, soothing gels awaken tired eyes and reduce the look of dullness anytime, anywhere. Reach for a pair twice a week to depuff under your eyes and pamper yourself – morning or night.
Open the jar and remove the protective disc to reveal crescent-shaped, shimmery pink patches. Using the provided mini spatula, scoop out one of the eye patches. Place it on clean undereye skin, with the larger end of the patch toward the outer eye and the smaller end toward the nose. Remove a second patch and repeat on the other eye. Seal the jar by replacing the protective disc after use and screwing on the lid tightly. Enjoy the benefits for 20 tranquil minutes, then remove patches and discard. Gently pat any excess formula into the skin. Use twice weekly for best results.